Auto Enrolment

Caring for your employee during and even after their service has now become easy. Avail our auto enrolment service and secure the future of your hard-working employees.

What is Auto Enrolment?

It is an initiative by the government in which all employers (employers having staff member as less as one also) are required to automatically enrol their eligible staff member into a pension scheme and they themselves are also required to make contributions towards it. In most of the cases the staff member is also required to contribute towards the pension scheme which may be top up by the government with certain tax relief. It is designed so as to ensure that the workers can follow the practice of savings and can enjoy this additional income over and above their basic state pension.


It has been made mandatory by the legislation for all businesses in UK to provide an auto enrolment pension scheme for qualifying employees, which should comprise of employers as well as employee’s contribution. Significant additional financial implications and administration is been observed when the employer comply with this requirement, as a result of which many employers might need assistance in administering this scheme of auto enrolment of pensions to reduce the overall impact on their business. If you need help and want to get rid of this burden and still abide by the law and avoid any legalities, season associate’s auto enrolment pensions service is the right place for you.

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The services that we provide for auto enrolment pensions (UK) scheme are:

In UK a research has found that people are living longer and while enjoying and leading a life full of excitement and adventure most of them forget about saving money for their future. In has been estimated that over 7 million people have inadequate savings to provide for their retirement. This is why government has introduced auto enrolment pension scheme in order to ensure that people can save adequate amount to provide for their retirement.


Key features of the service we provide are:

Compliance with government regulations

The laws related to auto enrolment pension scheme are stringent and failure to do so attracts huge penalties.

Auto Enrolment (AE) Communications

A self service portal can be given to employees where they can access and can also download their payroll documents.

Interactive Payslips

The employer is required to calculate the correct deduction as part of the scheme, these calculations can be shown to the employees through interactive payslips.

Auto enrolment compliance

Staff records such as employee dates of birth, their National Insurance numbers, salaries, other personal details and amounts being paid into the scheme should be correct in order to comply with the norms.

Auto enrolment Repor

Employer is required to keep a report of AE. Poor record keeping attracts huge penalties by Pensions regulator department.

Access through mobile

All this information will be available to your employee through their mobile that will maintain an environment of transparency and genuineness.

How do one qualify for auto enrolment?

Employers are required to automatically enrol staff who ever qualifies the following criteria:

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Why Chose season associate as auto enrolment service provider?

It is Complex to set up pension scheme at a workplace, it is costly and consumes a lot of time, even for businesses with fewer employees. We help you to get rid of this tedious and tiresome job. Through Legal & General we have a specially developed and managed scheme, which complies with the new regulations related to auto enrolment.


The employer contribution towards auto enrolment depends on the age and salary of employee which is to be reviewed on a continuous basis. All these things are precisely handled by our experts. We provide you assistance in the following ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A percentage (%) of your ‘qualifying earnings’ is put into your pension on every pay day. Your wages or salary, bonuses, statutory pay, commissions etc comes under your qualifying earnings.

You will have a month to choose to ‘opt out’ from the date you are automatically enrolled, the contributions that you have made during this period should be refunded. If you do not ask to re-join, you will automatically be enrolled into the scheme every three years by your employer. This is called re-enrolment.

If you are eligible in both the companies you work for, then you will be automatically enrolled into the pension scheme from both the of your workplaces. If combinedly your income crosses the qualifying and not individually you will not be enrolled for auto enrolment pensions scheme.

The employer is required to choose a pension company that will receive and invest all the contributions which are made. Your pension ‘pot’ will be different from all the others and you will be able to make some decisions about where your money is invested if you want to.