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What is Cloud accounting and how does it work?

Many believes the word cloud is been overused but it is not that relevant but on the flip side to it, it has never been more relevant especially to small businesses and especially in the area of accounting. In lay man language the word cloud means deliver of computing services through internet. These services ranges from storage to data analysis and in our case cloud accounting.


Since decades people have been using accounting services either by doing themselves or by hiring others. Recording of all the expenditure and revenue of small businesses in order to keep track of previous financial transaction is nothing new. Accounting software has been there from long time and have made the life of accountants very easy.


So, the real question is how cloud accounting for small business is different? Let us take a look at both the scenarios and it will help us to establish a difference and make an analytical choice.

cloud accounting services

Traditional Accounting

Cloud Accounting

When Cloud accounting services should be used

Some of the key areas where cloud accounting services can be used are

Automation of your accounting System: One can use automation in order to reduce workloads, the cloud accounting ecosystem allows and enhance the quality of various accounting related work such as automated bookkeeping, cash collection and bank reconciliation, this not only speeds up the process of accounting but also reduces the workload of your admin and provide you with ample time to focus your energy on other business related issues .

More in sight on financial data: While using cloud accounting services one of the major advantage is you have a greater insight of your financial data. Having an instant access of financial intelligence and real-time report of your data, you and your management team are more informed by having the key numbers, insights and are at a better position to take business related decision and can mitigate risk.

Paying Taxes online and getting compliance with MTD: Through cloud accounting it becomes very easy to pay your taxes. All of your transactions will have an up to date record as you go and can be exported swiftly to various tax templates. This is also in compliance with the UK government scheme of making tax digital (MTD). Here you are ready digitally and can send the record in the required format and can save yourselves from paying penalties

Remote working: In this hard time where the world is suffering from the loss and coping up with the griefs and sorrows that Covid has caused us, you can be safe and protect yourself and your team by staying home and working remotely. If you want your business to grow leverage flexible and remote working benefits, through cloud accounting you and all your team can manage you accounts from anywhere they are provided they have Internet access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud can be referred to a space available to you on server and that can be used to keep all your files and documents, It is similar to the storage memory you have on your laptops and mobile but it is on server which you can access online from anywhere at any time provided you have an internet connection.

It does not allow you to work remotely, data is not up to date, need continuous upgradation of software’s, require more time and only one person has the access.

It is as secure as it can get, with every thing going digital cloud accounting uses the maximum digital security means to keep your account safe and secure and in case of other disaster such as robbery or natural calamities where you lose your hard drive cloud accounting is always a way forward.

In the cloud accounting system you are not required to update your software in regular intervals and pay money every time for an update instead you can go online log in to the server and can always have an access of an up to date accounts.