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The tax that is to be paid by the company or cooperative on the profit they have made in their business is called corporation tax. It has to be paid annually. For calculating and filing tax return one is supposed to be aware about the rules and regulations published by HMRC related to corporation tax. For the Fiscal year 2021 / 2022 the guidelines state that all companies irrespective of their profit is supposed to pay 19% tax on the profit they have made. Earlier the % tax used to vary as per the profit booked by the companies.


In order to minimise corporation tax return small businesses must be aware of the reliefs and rates of tax which keeps on changing as per government guidelines. We provide corporation tax services with the help of our specialised Corporation Tax accountant which in turns provide our clients with technical tax guidance and helps them in structuring their business by understanding their concerns, clearing their doubts and helping them to avoid their tax issues for mitigation of risk and growth of their business.

corporation tax services


With the start of your business the most important tax that you will have to calculate and file a return for is corporation tax. We here will introduce you to various concepts related to HMRC corporation tax and about our accountant and tax services. Some of the concepts that will be introduced to you are

limited liability partnership

Corporation Tax (Definition)

It is the Tax that is applicable on the profit made by a company, it is homologous to income tax that it to be paid by the individuals. A sole trader or the ones doing a business in partnership is exempted from paying this tax instead are required to file income tax on your profits. It is the responsibility of a company or a cooperative to calculate and file a return and pay tax bill within time and maintain fair and square record of the same. Corporation tax is to be paid by you when you made profit by doing business if you belong to one of the following groups mentioned below

Registration with HMRC.

In order to comply with all the legalities while running a business in UK, one has to register their company with HMRC. Once your company is been incorporated within a span of three months one must inform the HMRC that a limited company has been established and is trading. Once the registration is done you are entitled to pay HMRC corporation tax on an annual basis.


The tricky part is to categorise the company into active, trading, non-trading and dormant which can be done on the basis of HMRC explanation.


The following details are to be included when one register with the HMRC

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Filing a corporation tax return

For Filing a company tax return, there is a form called CT600 which is to be filled by you while filing the return. If you are self-employed or a sole trader or in partnership you are not required to submit a company tax return instead you need to submit / send a Self-assessment return.

As it is mandatory to file a corporation tax for every company and failing to do so one can face legal actions and penalties, hiring a corporation tax accountant is advisable even by the government.

Registration with HMRC.

It is a little bit different than other taxes, before you file company tax return corporation tax has to be paid. This implies that the due date for filing the return depends on your accounting period. It has to be settled generally nine months and one day once your accounting period from previous year financial years end.