HMRC Tax Investigation

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What is Tax investigation?

An official inquiry into the tax payment history of an organisation / business / sole trader etc. is called as tax investigation. The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) conducts the tax investigation in UK. The severity of an investigation varies from case to case.


Irrespective of the size of business it has been observed that HMRC launch a tax investigation at any time. Regardless of the type and size of organisation this experience of HMRC investigation is stressful and can prove to be expensive for the organisation. In recent past it is observed that HMRC has increased its focus on small businesses and individual taxpayers.

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Why HMRC Tax Investigation takes place?

The government in order to fill the gap in public finance which equals to billions of £’s a year, continues to invest millions of £’s in budget so that fraud and tax evasion can be tackled. As a result of which there is an increasing chance of you getting inspected by HMRC for tax.

Who is at risk of HMRC investigation?

Literally everyone! The reality is that even for those who abide by the laws and pays all the tax and keep records of the tax history HMRC may still challenge, Investigate and ultimately find fault with tax calculations, no matter how thoroughly they have been prepared. The primary function of HMRC is to ensure that UK taxpayers are paying the correct amount of tax, even if they find absolutely nothing, a tax inspection is a time-consuming process.

What triggers a tax investigation?

7% of HMRC investigation is random so technically it can be said that everyone is at risk.
The HMRC tax investigation procedure is triggered by one the following unusual activity.
a) When the profits and drawings are low.
b) The source from which money was introduced to the business?
c) What is the reason of the expenses being unusually high or vary significantly more comparatively?


Practically only a small number of investigations for small / medium business results in imprisonment however, a 100% tax can be issued as a penalty. If some mistake is proven for a year it can be considered that the same is being happening from years. For example, missing income of £1,000 for a particular year can be assumed that this been happening from years.

Integrity and Precision

We abide by our values of integrity and precision and these are of utmost importance to us. We precisely and with 100% honesty prepare your tax records in compliant with the norms so the risk of investigation can be avoided.

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How Tax investigation can be avoided?

7% of HMRC investigation is random apart from that HMRC will commence an investigation backed by a reason. Sometimes this happens because the taxpayer is unaware of or there is a misunderstanding of information that has been provided. In such circumstance’s very little can be done. But in many cases, it happens because there is some suspicion by the HMRC that the taxpayer is not submitting the correct amount of tax due and in such cases the investigation can be very challenging and intimidating process. Although the chances of  you being targeted for a tax investigation, can never truly eliminated there are certain precautions that can be taken to help you to avoid investigation and stay low on the taxman’s radar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The exact amount of time a tax investigation will require depends on the nature of investigation it can take week, months and in some cases year also.

It is quite rare that a tax investigation by HMRC turns into a criminal investigation, but a 100% penalty is observed in few case. Although some severe cases may result into imprisonment.

All paperwork showing and supporting your tax calculations and returns are to be submitted to HMRC as and when you will be investigated.

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