Making Tax Digital

Making tax digital is introduced by HMRC. HMRC Making Tax Digital plans involve getting small businesses and the self-employed to complete digital tax records and returns, with the eventual aim of going completely paperless. The goal behind making tax digital is to become one of the most advanced tax administration in the world. Digitalization of tax account aims to make it easier for people to manage their tax affairs.

The UK has Introduced Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTD), Requiring Taxpayers to Maintain Records, and Submit VAT returns digitally via an API. MTD has been introduced in the UK to create a digital tax system which will be modern and streamlined and thus will make it easier for businesses to file their returns and get their tax right. For registered businesses in the UK having gross sales revenue greater than £85,000, MTD is currently mandatory. MTD is transforming the business making changes in the fundamentals of tax systems so that the tax system of the country becomes. The motive behind MTD is to increase its

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What is next for HMRC Making Tax digital?

Post the initiation of Making Tax Digital by the Government, the following things have been anticipated.

Making Tax Digital VAT

In 2022 the scope of Making Tax Digital for VAT will expand. For registered businesses in the UK having gross sales revenue greater than £85,000, MTD mandatory. And will have to oblige by the rules on and after April 2022. There is a provision of voluntarily enrolling fot MDT even if you do not cross the threshold revenue. This can be done using MTD compatible software.

Making Tax Digital for Self-Assessment

Self assessment is the process of informing the HMRC about your annual income and filing the return for the same. The MTD for Self Assessment will be introduced the fiscal year 2023. Self Employed individual having an annual income above €10000 will have to comply by it. As a part of a pilot process some business are already doing the same and reporting and filing there returns digitally to the HMRC.

Making Tax Digital for Corporation Tax

Post digitalization of VAT and Self Assessment returns the government is planning to introduce the same for corporation tax. However, it has been stated by HMRC that making tax digital for corporation tax will come into effect in 2026. This implies that the government is planning to introduce MTD for all the tax returns taking one at a time, learning form the experience and implanting the same in the next cycle.

Spreading awareness regarding MTD

The government has estimated that due to wrongs caused during filing a tax return by especially small businesses, it has cost a whooping amount of £8.5 billion to the Exchequer only for the year 2018/2019. The motive of the government is to minimize such errors and make it easier for the taxpayers to file their taxes right. And this is why the HMRC is regularly holding awareness campaign regarding the same.

Story so Far of Making Tax Digital and some of its benefits.

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On 1st April 2019 the first major step toward MTD was taken. In this all VAT-registered businesses in the UK with a turnover above the specified threshold where required to store financial records relating to VAT and to file VAT returns digitally using MTD-compatible software. Another key update related to MTD was that now every small business owner and /or a sole trader has now a digital tax account which can be used by them to check their Tax status and documents digitally. In the  March 2020 issued evaluation of Making Tax Digital  by the government it is been reported that more than 1.4 million businesses had signed up for Making Tax digital VAT and more than 4 million VAT returns had been submitted successfully using MTD compatible software.


By the evaluation that HMRC has done, it was found that some business owners have experienced a smooth transition from traditional filing of VAT using spreadsheets to digital VAT filing post its introduction. In report published by HMRC it has also been highlighted that, in the survey conducted by the Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index 2019, it has been observed that those who are the most digitally engaged save a day a week in administration compared to the businesses that are following the traditional practice of filing a return.

How we contribute toward MTD

Making Tax digital is an initiative taken by the UK government so to make the tax administration most advanced and technology friendly across the world. Although the complete digitalization of the tax industry is a lengthy process and will take time to get implemented completely, this initiative is welcomed by us as we see the perks and benefits associated with it. We make use of all the MTD compatible software and provide our clients with state-of-the-art accounting and tax services. Few steps that as service provider have taken toward making tax digital reality are:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, MTD for VAT registered business who have crossed the threshold of €85000 it is mandatory.

The only exemptions are for

  • - Religious societies
  • - For Individuals facing issues due to remoteness, inability etc.
  • - Insolvency

With the right software and reporting procedure MTD gives businesses:

  • - Clarity of Tax obligations.
  • - One place access to all tax related information.
  • - Collaborative efforts can be observed
  • - Efficient planning of budget.

Yes, as long as the company is VAT registered with a turnover of £85,000 and over (current threshold).