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Key features of our Payroll services for small business

What is payroll?

VAT can only be charged by those whose business are VAT registered

The total of all compensations that a business is required to pay to its employees for a given period of time or date is called payroll. Payroll is generally manged by accounting or human resources department of a business although inputs from other departments such as finance, administration etc. are required.  For small businesses an associate or the owner directly can handle payrolls. In the ongoing time it has been observed that payroll is being outsourced by the business to a specialise firm / outsourced payrolls providers that handles everything right from employee benefits and insurance to accounting related task and paycheck processing.


It can also be referred as the list of employees and the amount of compensation that is due to each of them. It is one of the major expenses of a business and is mostly deductible, by deductible we mean that it is the amount that is deducted from gross income of a business which in its turn lowers the taxable income. There are variables such as overtime, leave, sick pay etc because of which payroll can differ from one period to another.

Few of the components of payroll service provider are?

What is the role of payroll service provider?

The role of a payroll service provider is to automatically processes payroll calculations, payroll tax statements, deductions, allowances, leaves with and without pay, year-end taxes and much more.

Ensure meeting deadlines

Payroll service providers are preferred by many companies to help ensure their employees are paid timely and accurately.

Go beyond the basics of payroll calculations

Apart from basic calculation it will handle withdrawals and deposits, withhold payments and new-hire reporting.

Tax services

Payroll services for small business also looks into the legalities of taxes such as federal, state and local taxes.


Outsourced payrolls providers also helps in integrating time and attendance, which plays a majority role in payroll calculations and benefits administration.

Online service provider

They make the process simpler and more convenient by allowing businesses to manage and run payroll from anywhere.

Worker Classification

It put workers into specific categories such as Employees and contractors; Exempt and Non-exempt etc.


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