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We provide Tax refund services for foreign workers considering all the aspects of the legislation, having proper and accurate operation of PAYE code and above all a trustworthy and transparent services.

What is tax refund and What is tax rebate?

Irrespective of a person being an employee, a sole trader, an owner of the business/ partnership etc. An individual is required to file a tax return to the HMRC / Government depending on the income bracket in which they lie. One can  prefer to file their own returns or can avail the services of an expert, it becomes imperative to be informed about some essential concepts in tax filing. For instance, one must always be aware of the amount they owe to the government in the form of taxes. Failure to file accurate tax return may result in penalties if the tax is underpaid or may even result in tax refund. We at Season Associate provide all type of tax refund services and tax rebate services and ensure accurate and timely filing of your taxes at fixed and nominal price across the nation.


Throughout this excerpt we will be helping you understand about two of the essential topics of tax filing which are tax refund and tax rebate. Although both pertain to lowering your tax liability, they have considerable difference among them.

Tax Refund

While filing a tax return if you have paid tax more than your overall tax liability, that extra amount is paid back to you by the government. This difference in the amount is paid as reimbursement to you by the government. This reimbursement is known as tax refund. It is merely the extra amount that you have paid to the government either while self-assessing or in some other deductible form. While getting a tax refund it becomes important to understand:

We provide tax refund services for all these above-mentioned services in order to ensure that you have a hassle-free process while getting a tax refund.

Tax Rebate

Various exemptions and reliefs can be applied by you while filing tax return. Thus the total taxable amount can be reduced by using various exemptions. Further reduction in this amount can be achieved by the means of tax rebates. We provide tax rebate services at a very affordable price and ensures that you have filed accurate tax and have utilised all the exemptions applicable to you.

Thus, Tax rebate essentially refers to:

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Is tax rebate or tax refund applicable to me?

When an individual overpays his / her tax the money that HMRC repays to them is called as tax rebate or tax refund. Sometimes the HM Revenue & Customs automatically repays your overpaid tax when there is recalculation of tax, but most of the times tax rebate or tax refund is to be applied by an individual. Some of the circumstances where you can be due to tax rebate are:

Why choose us?

As the rules and regulations related to tax services keeps on changing on a regular interval and at the same time dealing with HM revenue and custom department can be a worrisome task, especially when there is calculations and complex rules are involved. We at Season Associate do the work for you. We provide hassle free tax refund and tax rebate services and ensure that you have a smooth and a pain free process while claiming your returns. We tailors our services and study your tax history and do the necessary computations and calculations for you with the help of our experts and ensure an efficient reclaiming of your taxes. Some of our key features are:

There are different ways using which one can claim a tax refund, for a tax rebate of about €2500 the rebate can be done either by sending via post or online or can even be done on phone. For tax rebate above €2500 a self-assessment tax return becomes mandatory which involves registration with HMRC and follow all the complex rules associated with the same. Contact us for a tension free Tax refund services for doctors and enjoy a hassle free tax service at an affordable price.